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Chef Naoki butchers a whole tuna for the Tuna Experience at Miru.

Bluefin Tuna Experience, Every Wednesday



Book a front row seat at the sushi bar and delight in the Miru Bluefin Tuna experience, every Wednesday at 7pm. From lean to fatty, the multi course menu will guide you through the unique nuances of Bluefin, thoughtfully paired with Japanese ingredients to enhance every bite. Conclude your tasting journey with our renowned black sesame mochi dessert, and elevate your experience with optional wine and sake pairings.  The cost is 120.00 per person (plus tax), not including gratuity or beverage pairings.

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Otoro, Uni, Rice Crisps

Crispy Shiso
Diced Bluefin, Sesame Vinaigrette

Akami, Chutoro, Otoro, Cheek

Egg Custard, Truffle Ponzu

Tuna Spine
Chili Oil, Key Lime, Nori

Hand Roll
Royal Osetra Caviar

Black Sesame Mochi
Charcoal-Vanilla, Black Sesame Praline, Mochi


Non-Alcoholic Pairing
A crafted selection of non-alcoholic beverages with each course of the experience

Signature Selection Pairing
A Sommelier selected pairing of wines and sakes with each course of the experience

Grand Pairing
An elevated selection from our Sommelier of wines and sakes paired with each course

The Hamachi Ponzu Roll, with chopsticks.